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The Graveyard Shift *Classic Edition - Dawn Of Day 182

"...Done with the battles he once waged across time, he embarked on a journey. A secret and personal journey... A journey in search of a beloved and invaluable friend..." This is for you! The Late Night/ Early Bird/ Future Warriors!

Hello fellow TAYers! And welcome to the Graveyard Shift, where we fall back the clock for a second time for TAY: Open Forum!


Tonight's Shift...Dawn of Day 182

Can you believe it? Half the year has already past by, and there is still 183 days and 4,392 wonderful hours remaining till the Dawn of The New Year! (Or is that just depressing?)

If for some reason you never had the opportunity to venture or lost yourself into the world of Termina, do not despair. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Released Oct, 2000) in my view, is one of those games that can be appreciated, and enjoyed even more once you reach adult Link status. Especially so once you realize what the underlining themes are...

Your friends... What kind of... people are they? I wonder... Do these people... think of you... as a friend?


We find our (paradox) hero of Time on a journey, in search of a beloved and invaluable friend...And here in the Lost Woods, he is met with a terrible fate. You are thrown into a different world called Termina, and with some shenanigans Skull Kid turns you into a Deku scrub. But you soon come to realize that Link is not the only one who has met with a curse. As you leave the Clock Tower you come to see that Skull Kid has set up one hell of a Spirit Bomb, and now not only are the lives of the peoples of Termina in yours hands. But you must now lift their curses brought about by Majora's Mask and restore what has been taken away from them.

What makes you happy? I wonder...what makes you happy...does it make...others happy, too?


You are soon conscripted into the Bombers Secret Society of Justice, and are given a handy dandy Bombers' Notebook. If you haven't realized it yet (or how could you, if you never played the game!) most of your time you will be interacting with the inhabitant of Clocktown, and other regions of Termina. Which is something I would have not done in the previous N64 installment. And here is were I spent most of my time before heading out to different regions after each temple. Specially since it would take at least the full three days to finish each Temple (or is just me sucking?). But more so to do the few events that followed the cleansing of that said region.

The right thing...what is it? I wonder...if you do the right thing...does it make...everybody...happy?


That being the case, there was (if I remember correctly) certain amphibious side quest that would only take place once a region was cleansed or all of then. Requiring you to do some backtracking through time, although just a TIP: this is better left after you finished with the main quest, and more simpler ones; helping that creep that got stuck in the john, and now no one can use it...what a jerk >=(

Side note: You could just given him the Deku Deed, and not that love letter... :I

Your true face... What kind of... face is it? I wonder... The face under the mask... Is that... your true face?


But mostly just to acquire the masks of which 3 are part of the narrative, and a special one that is obtained by collecting all other 20 at the end stages of the game. The part that really kept me coming back after each rewind where few mask that had a story to tell behind them. Or rather how they where connected to the characters that you helped and rewarded you with then. Some others where simple to obtained and quirky, but then there was Kafei and Anju. In the Ikana Canyon, a Music Box House with a horrible secret, and a brother at the Milk Bar drowning in sorrow.

That what it came down to, at least for me when it came to the end. Besides the darker story, and (at times) challenging three day cycle. To say the least, it accomplished the goal to make me care for those few individual characters within the world of Termina.


There are quite a lot of memories that come back when talking about Majora's Mask, but that being the topic of the night.

Let us do so, and see The Dawn of A New Day.

Time's End - Clocktown by Theophany (HEY LISTEN!)

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