"Started a party, set off on a perilous dungeon adventure...the Conjurer went down....we push on...." ~ Final log entry. This is for you! The Late Night/Early Birds/ Office Drones/ All-Nighter Future Warriors!

Tonight shift...GET A JOB Part II

Hello, and good evening fellow TAYers! Its Monday night or the future for some of you, but either way, the week is just getting started so lets push on. BRRRAAVERYY!!

So we already discussed playing style a bit back by Neryl, but wanted to revisit the subject on MMORPG classes and to an extend shooters (*I will give an example). This coming about with the relaunch of ARR. Aside form playing style, and how they vary from game to game; Will literally change classes or setups on shooter, but can't really do that on an MMO. So what factors lead you to play a certain class if not your playing style? Do you consider your role in the larger picture of battle or within the party? Or do it for the joy of role playing? Literally talking about preferences, and what aspect of a class influences your decisions when picking a class. Below are my picks. These are FFT: War of The Lions jobs/classes FYI, and you can see more here.


On shooters it a heavy support (denying enemy their assets), but here I find that these two classes are up my alley. They are melee and in the thick of it. Why? Part of the choice is the role playing aspect, and the rest is the art direction/armor combined with how the classes play out.


*Example for a shooter is BF3, since the classes are set up to provide a crucial role to the whole team. Marksmen can mark tanks, and engineers can take then out with ease, and a watchful support class team member will replenish the used up ammo. If there is no cohesion, the whole team will lose; No soflam support on Caspian Border makes me a sad engineer.... :< But there is way less personal attachment to the classes, and more switching for the main purpose of wining a match.

If I did not make any sense, pick a classes you see yourselves as from the header image.


Well that's it for tonight...so TALK AMONG YOURSELVES!

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