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The Graveyard Shift *Classic Edition - Get Weird

"Just Roll with it" This is for you! The Late Night/ Early Bird/ Future Warriors!

Good evening fellow TAYyers! And welcome to the not so late but always need to be posted Graveyard Shift! Where we have our second daily dose of TAY: Open Forum. A fresh start for random chatter, and for those who wish to join us and haven't already. So take that first step and plunge into TAY!


Tonight's Shift...Get Weird

Or Noby Noby Boy weird(Feb, 2009), one of those games that comes along and challenges you to think...about stuff. Like "What I am playing?" or "I am having fun?" But in the end you better not over think it. NNB (Noby Noby Boy) is like your typical boy meets gigantic girl story. A girl who has needs, and you as a boy or girl must use romance to fulfill her stretchy needs and ultimate goal; whatever that is. Although a one sided, and somewhat strained Polyandry relationship. NNB has you competing for her affection in the score board as you help her stretch into our solar system. The gents at Penny Arcade can put it more eloquently...

At this point you should realize, that I have no idea what I am babbling about...NNB is just one of those games that is weird in concept, but regardless that's what draws you to it. Especially the Trophy part, because Glob knows how many hours I spent trying to get those. But this game has left me with two burning question.... How do you get to the top #1 rank in the score board, and will this game ever end? Because so far Girl is still growing each passing day....


So fellow TAYer ever played a game that struck you as weird, but just kept coming back for just that? No? Oh whelp, what ever it is you want to talk about, IT IS NOW OR NEVER!

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