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The Graveyard Shift *Classic Edition - Historical Ambitions Side A

Ironically refer yourself as 'Devil King of the Sixth Heaven' to your Jesuit friends, they take it to heart...This is for you, the Late Night/ Early Bird/ Future Warriors!

Hello fellow TAYers! Welcome to the Graveyard Shift, where you get a second chance to charge into the fray that is TAY. Where even the lowly sandal bearer can have a say in this late edition of TAY: Open Forum!


Tonight's Shift...Historical Ambitions Side A!

Before the walls crumble beneath an iron heel, before the fields are tainted red, and long before the conscripts march into the sunset never return. There has to be a strong willed individual at the helm. Someone with the ruthless ambition to rule.

Preferably with a good understanding of strategy, because oh boy, one mishap and you are f*cked.

Yes, soul consuming strategy, and its not the first gamed based on the unification of Japan that has cross my path. But this is one of KOI (which I find ironic, and amusing for reasons) other franchise beside the Dynasty Warrior series, that is not a hack and slash (reasons), rather a well polished strategy game.


Nobunaga's Ambition: The Iron Triangle (not the Atlantic one...)


Surprisingly enough it was released on 2009, and for the PS2. Not going into detail of how it plays, but imagine if Rome: Toal War campaign map was on real time....

NO, I'll wait till that sinks in, because you have no idea how ludicrous, and deliciously hard that concept is.


Just look at the map above >.> all those clans...waiting to have a go at your throat once you make a single mistake. And that's what the game come down to, either you make the right choices or die horribly. Really this game is merciless to any mistake you make, be it in the battle, diplomacy, or building structures...>.>

But besides its namesake, you can choose which ever historic clan you so desire or create your very own clan (Why not?). Fulling what ever historical ambitions you so wish to accomplish in the Sengoku period.


So fellow TAYers, what historical ambitions burns in your dark hearts? If not in the East, how about in the West? Or just loiter about...

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