I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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"What's worse than a zombie you ask? A zombie clown, although these are funny..." This is for you! The Late Night/ Early Birds/ Future Warriors!

Hello fellow survivors! Welcome to this late emergency broadcast of TAY: Open Forum. Otherwise know as the Graveyard Shift! Where we get a second chance to crack some undead skulls, and go to the Winchester to have a pint.


Tonight's Shift...Monday Apocalypse!

*Dead Nation: 2010

Hey there TAY *gunfire, and screaming in the background*...you know how Mondays can really suck, and daydream about ditching work early? Well good news! The apocalypse has happen, and its a cliche zombie one at that!

But of course this had to be a military style virus outbreak. What would be the fun in taking down regular zombies if you can't take on biological engineered zombie giants with blades for arms? Either way we basically have to, if we wish to survive, and get rescued by that shady clinic organization.

On our way, we'll loot some cars, which apparently are filled with gold coins, blow some red barrels, and upgrade our gear to shoot electrical blades. Those zombie hordes are so screwed!


What? DEAD NATION ain't your kind of zombie busting game? Well which one is it? Or would you rather fill us in on how you would out survive us in this Monday Apocalypse?

Either way...

Get your best zombie hunting outfit out, and arm yourself cuz, its gonna be fun on a bun!

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