"I hope you are ready for a beating! " This is for you, the late Night/Early Bird/ Future Warriors!

Hello again fighters of TAY! You all have been intercepted once more! Now take off those silly banana pajamas, and get your fighting clothes out! It is time for a nightly rumble, and your opportunity to open a can of wup ass! This is Round Two of the TAY: Open Forums, otherwise know as the graveyard Shift!

Tonight's Shift...The Underdogs

Enjoyed your weekend? Good because now is the time to unleash that fighting spirit of your, to fight off the weekday blues! And what better way than by learning *Saikyō-ryū?


*Now %50 OFF!

Who better to teach us than the self-proclaimed master himself, the ultimate underdog(joke); Dan Hibiki. Representing a fraction (1/7,061,199 to be exact) of Hong Kong's fighting spirit, weighing in at 74kg (standard can still suck it!), and being 177cm (that's 5' 9 1/2 ) tall. Dan other wise known as DAN THE MAN, has was not taken seriously when he entered the ring in 1995. But times have changed since then.

Yes, if you let noodles soak up the water, they do feel more filling, we know Dan...


Although his existence is a joke, lets not forget his heart and spirit although not pure in motive, it burns with a fierce passionate blaze to be the best.

That must be remembered when picking Dan as either your core, or just LOLs(but mostly for the LOLs). After all he is the essential definition of an underdog, but even a puppy can leave a mean bite if you are not careful. Which has been the case for the most part when picking Dan for a match. No one expects you will come out swinging, and hitting hard.

Making matches with him not only interesting but also exiting upsets for your Ryu or Ken clones/opponents. And loosing with him is not as upsetting, all you can think is how you did your best, and DAN THE MAN. This essentially makes him one of the characters that I could never find myself hating nor feel upset for loosing against him. He is just too much of funny man to feel bitter towards to. He might not win all the time, but he has won himself a place in the void that is my heart.


Got favorite underdog fighter you like even though he is not your core fighter? No? You hate Dan? What? You rather talk about the top cream of fighters *CoughJuriCough*? Okay....Well either talk about whatever you feel like, be it life or games, it is NOW OR NEVER!


The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, job loss, and pile driving your family members. Don't forget TAY for the TAY:Open Forum. Or TAYClassic for the old type of writing.