All this waifu business got me thinking. This is for you the late night/early birds/future warriors!

Why the Knights of the Zodiac? Because they are homeboys. So welcome to your second cosmic taste of TAY:Open forum, otherwise known as the Graveyard Shift! (We hit version C :o )

Tonight's Shift.....The Homeboys/Girls!

Besides a 00% [.05% error]success rate of the Dating Game, and unrequited love, there sure is going to be a lot of hilarity in coming days as you look back and cringe. But guess what? There is always the homeboys to pat you in the back. :P


Now what I am referring with Homeboys/Girls is the early group of characters you looked up, and said 'I want to beat bad guys up too!', and what better group than the Bronze saints. With the very essence of the powerful cosmos, each represent a constellation (I be a Gold cloth) what was not to like?

If there is one character archetype constellation Seiya represent, its the underdog. And oh boy did that not stop it from being good. To top it off he was Pegasus! ( sorry, there is not a pony cloth as far as I know...) Or at least he had to prove it first. Hot stuff...

Then as the (did I mention there was a rad...) tournament for the favor of the reincarnated Athena took its course, the rest of the bronze saint are introduced. This where you start looking around and can't decide who of all the bronze saints is the best.


So pretty much I got into this series (Omega? NOPE.), and would not miss it for the world. Truly it came at a time when all I needed was distraction from my very young mind. But would not call then ideal role models now.

Certainly these homeboys would not give up, even with the cliche backgrounds, and goal, but not giving up is a good lesson to take in.

The more you die, the more of a badass you become.

  • Congratulatory breaking news for our TAY Homeboy! For never giving up!
  • What that? You are a monkey? The Moon Kingdom is in trouble?Omega era if way too flamboyant? I concur. Either way let your power be know! Its now or never.
  • Throw a punch my way to let me know how horrible these things are...will not cry over it, really I won't.


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