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The Graveyard Shift *Classic Edition V.02c - Choose Your Fighter!

You have been intercepted! This is for you, the late Night/Early Bird/ Future Warriors!

Hello fellow fighters of TAY! And welcome to this nightly rumble, where you get a chance to open a can of whup ass of epic proportions on your second round of TAY: Open forum, other wise know as the Graveyard shift! So smash a tombstone, throw a chair, and body slam your fellow TAYer!


Tonight's Shift...Choose Your Fighter!

After ten hours of a good nights rest, I am ready to drop kick the sandman, and throw a couple of chairs at the neighbors.

Who better to help me do it than Zangief? Originating from the cold lands of Siberia, Mother Russia, and weighing in at 115kg (standard system can suck it), and towering 2 meters (that's 7 feet). The Red Cyclone fights for every young child who dreams big, and has taken any willing soul have a go at him since 1991 to prove that hard work leads to some serious butt whipping.

This walking wrecking ball of pure muscle has been underestimated due to his lack of projectile attacks, but opponents soon realized as they are being atomic busted that he is not to be underestimated.


Zangief is the fighter of choice on Street fighter IV, he is not my favorite (Rose is), but reason of choosing him is for the pure satisfaction of slamming down Ken/Ryu/Akuma fighters.

Majestic as a ballerina who is about to pile drive you...('^')

Zangief like Dhalsim can be seen as slow, but players who master Dhalsim are not to be taken lightly either. Taken consideration of his moves, he can cover the space quickly, and once he does it can be difficult to get away...that is if you panic >=). Jumping? Nope. Just grabbed you, and slammed you. Hadouken? Nope. Spin and hit. Gonna do your ultra? Atomic Buster.


But there is those who just run back, and try to delay the inevitable with energy balls of hope. Only to find that hope be busted just like their fighting spirit. But like most fighters, the road of the Red Cyclone has its bitter moments, and defeats as well. Only making the victories the more sweet, and glorious.

Now....Choose your Fighter! (for what ever series!)For the night is young, and there is much to wrassle about!

  • Breaking News! TUT has another tutorial for those who wish to learn all the ins and outs of wrasseling on TAY!
  • More Breaking News! A Hat in Time is still going strong!
  • Remember: no one should enter a tag team match with out a partner or rumble alone. If you would like share your friend code or not.
  • TAYveyard is the Tag for the Graveyard shift.
  • Thank you for reading this far!

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