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The Graveyard Shift *Classic Edition v.03b Battlefront Buddies

The phantom Shift! Or maybe you try coming up with a better line? Either way this is for you, the late night/early birds/ future warriors!

Welcome to your second taste of TAY:Open Forum otherwise know as the Graveyard shift. With the main purpose of letting all citizens of the Taylactic Empire have a go at discussing withing Taylactic regulation set forth by Emperor.....whats that? We don't have a Emperor? He got thrown down a huge energy shaft? Oh well, let get started.


Tonight Shift....Battlefront Buddies!

Or how it will be a while until we will be able to return to the cold white world of Hoth, and the deep dark void of space. Where dreams of conquest are crushed and leaders are deposed.

But of course you can always go back to the SW:Battlefront II. When we(buddies!) played(and still do), by hooking up two Xbox together, separated into opposite teams with one goal in mind...GALACTIC CONQUEST! Rebel scum versus the Imperials, 4 vs 4.

To make the stakes even more fun, a commander was picked and he alone was in charge of our fate...or until we got mad at him, and mutiny his ass off and rotated leadership.


Either way, it is always more enjoyable with your friends, and so I wonder if you all have a game that you still have and look back to or for this current generation, a game that is just a blast to get on with your friends, and blast away the night.

Don't have such a game? Feel like talking about laser that go pew pew pew, and furry hug able copilots? It is now or never.


Other than that...this concludes the first and last Graveyard Battlefront Buddies shift ...

To be continued?

*The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, job loss, and failing grades. Don't forget to head over to TAY for the the Open Forum.


Also check it out, we have a contact page! contayct-list Just Read TuT post and you'll be fine.

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