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The Graveyard Shift *Classic Edition V.03c - A Midnight Snack

Because that beach body ain't gonna let itself go just by itself! This is for you, the Late Night/Early Bird/Future Warriors!

Painting by Albert Francis King

Hello and oh ....hold on... *nom* now, welcome to one of many nights where you get to satisfy that growling monster inside you, on your second munching of TAY: Open Forum. Otherwise known as the Graveyard shift! So let us take a romantic stroll to the fridge tonight.


Tonight's Shift... A Midnight Snack

First off, looking up any alternative of midnight and snack could be regrettable, and remind you of how shitty the internet can be...moving on!

Another night, and another shift to fill (get it?). So you maybe a few (one or two) may be wondering how these little late write ups take shape? Well the trick is to think of something really late, and try to fill as much space possible and hope no one notices. >.> And some topic or games are untouched so other TAYers have a go at making articles.

His name is Ruben...take care of him.

So we may have discuss fighting last night, but one thing for sure a good fight can sure build up an appetite. And with summer break already upon us or looming ever so closer (E3!), just eating anything won't cut it. And just maybe you where one of those who took a vow on new year's end to make better eating habits ( hardmode year).


Going out? Out of the question, its late! Fry an egg? You must be insane, since the dishes are done, and pans are clean. A sandwich? Yes!

Not being picky, but if nothing else makes gaming, and late nights come together even more so is a sandwich, of any kind really. That's just my preference. Does take much to make, and just eat a half now and the rest for breakfast. But I ask...what do you have the munchies for at night such as these?

  • What's that? You are disappointed with tonight's menu? Tell me about it...What? You just remember that the milk just went bad? Oh well. What ever it is you wish to share, it is now or never!
  • Still News! TUT still has tutorial for TAY!
  • TAYveyard is the Tag for the Graveyard shift.
  • Weir Al, because why not?

*The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, job loss, fabulous look, and failing grades. Don't forget TAY for the new and improved TAY:Open Forum breakfast special. Or head over to TAYClassic for scrambled eggs!


Also check it out! We have a contact page! Contayct-list! Just Read TuT post and you'll be fine.

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