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The Graveyard Shift *Classic Edition V.03c - More Than Meets The TAY

G1 Superior; Always ON Inferior. This is for you the Late Night/Early Bird/Future Warriors.

*What ever that transforming sound is* Salutations TAYcepticons in arms, comm channels have been open for transmission, all systems are go for your second cycle of TAY: Open forums, otherwise known as the Graveyard Shift!


Tonight's Shift...More Than Meets The TAY!

Remember the 80s? I sure don't, was before my time. I hear they are awesome in short doses. But one cannot have just enough of of some good o'l G1 Transformers. Especially since the 80s film was my first introduction to the metallic warmongering robotic brobots before watching the TV series.

For some, this film cam be emotional right off the beginning, with heaps and heaps of twisted metal falling all over the place, and leaking all kinds of fluids as their spark flickers off . Not sure what the fuss was about, but that was pretty much the BEST SCENE my young virgin eyes had lay upon.

Three bloody films, and he couldn't pull this off?!

The Decepticons seemed rad enough to be in my alignment group. What was not to like about a bunch of loosely loyal, backstabbing robrots (exception being Grimlock, because he is KING! ) who only want to dominate all life on the universe?


So after some awesome intro theme, planet eating binging, and some metal ass kicking. The main story picks up. So we start off with Hot Rod *giggles* becoming the main protagonist after some pile up accidents takes Convoy out, and the villain is a bat shit crazy (his pure insanity destroys a world!) Decepticon formally known as Megatron. Whom takes on the new role of Galvatron, and must help his pimp Orson W. Unicron consume world after world. Needles to say Weird Al makes a guest appearance, and the film gets even more awesome.

The lesser evil being Galvatron attempts to enslave Unicron, which bring up a valuable lesson; you don't blast the hand that feeds you. Especially when the hand that feeds you is a planet size, planet eating being, and a former celestial dark lord entity. Won't spoil it but I assume you know how this ends.


Either way....why is there such a fanbase flowing for Starscream? >.>

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  • The music speaks for the film itself!

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