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The Graveyard Shift *Classic Edition v.04b Flash Back Strategy

Tiger of Kai! Just Who the hell do you think I am? This is for you, the late night/early birds/ future warriors!

Welcome to your second taste of TAY:Open Forum otherwise know as the Graveyard shift [Enjoying our all cap titles?]. With the main purpose of letting all console warriors [and PC master race ] have a go at discussing what their hearts desire. Let get started!


Tonight's shift...Flash back Strategy!

If there is one genre of games that can consume me whole, it is strategy. From simple collection and allocation of resources, to grand campaigns and battles with the treacherous A.I, and crushing defeats.

And the first game that gave me a taste for battle...

Shingen The Ruler

January 1545, the province of Kai, and Shinano.

Other wise known as Shingen 2 in Japan, released in 1989 for the NES, and shipped for release one year later by HOT・B USA for (guess where?) North America. Were you, take the role of warlord Takeda Shingen in his ultimate goal to defeat the other Daimyos to unify, and rule Japan.


I first played it when I was ten, ten years after its release, and I didn't know a word of English. So while the N64, and PSone was financially out of reach, I was fortunate to own a NES.

So that being the case, I dove into the game without knowing what to expect.

So guess how confused I was.

Now, I could tell you of an epic deep detailed after action report by what my young self could say about the finest point of strategy [give me a break! its been years since I played it ( ._.)], but what I want to hear is your first epic encounter with stagey gaming.


Whats that? You hate strategy because you suck at it? Well I pretty much have a list of failed campaigns, lost battles, and hard won peace. [But that is a story for another time. :)]

Well fell free to loiter about, the shift is always here...except for weekends, go out or something. :I

Other than that...this concludes the first and last Graveyard Flash Back Strategy shift ...


To be continued?

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