I ask upon gamers troubled brows. This is for you, the late night/early birds/ future warriors!

Between the time the Ocean drank Atlantis and the rise of the Sons of Aryas there was the Graveyard shift. Welcome to your second taste of TAY:Open Forum otherwise know as the Graveyard shift, with the main purpose of letting all have a go at discussing what their hearts desire. Let get started!


Tonight's shift...What is best in games?

So with the next generation already [*Cough Wii U] upon us, many question have started to make the rounds, 'Where are the games?', 'What does the console even look like?', and 'Can it play VHS?'.

Sure, we all have our fun poking, and raging at the next batch of consoles or console. But lets not forget the batch of games that will be hurled our way. That will either bring back old franchises or new ip for better or worse. Not to mention the price, backward compatibility, and whether used games will work when passed around.

So how good would a game have to be, that it will justify its purchase, What is best in games?


Is it the gore? The game play mechanic such as cover systems, strategy, the genre itself or it is something much more simple or grand?

Well, if I had to say, it would be the lore itself within the game. The history of locations and dungeons, the made up cultures, god, customs, people and their conflicts. The grand scale of the world and the small actions with consequences.


Also customization, because I don't care if getting that great [something awesome] war hammer will make me reach max encumbrance. I NEED IT!

Whats that? You belong to the superior PC master race? Cool story bro. Tell me about it.


The console war have re-begun or something....whatever.

Other than that...this concludes the first and last Graveyard What is best in games shift ...


To be continued?

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