I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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It began with the forging of the consoles... This is for you the weekend Early Birds/Late Night/Future Warrior!

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Hello fellow TAYers, and welcome to a special edition of TAY: Open Forum, otherwise know as the the Graveyard shift! Where you have a second chance to offer your bow, axe, and sword.


*That is if I didn't mess up the schedule setting >.>

Tonight's Shift...The Lord of the Consoles Part I

[FYI: This is loosely more informative than entertaining, and sorry if my lore is lacking]


Who among us remembers the time before the console wars of the current three? A time filled with arcades, quarters, when the superior PC master race had yet to arrive to the known world. Where there was no hype, and fanboyism. Well, to remember we must go back to a long forgotten past known as the 80s.

Where many Ainur existed who wanted (and still want) to shape the existence of the home entertainment systems, but only five had a biggest impact. The first Valar was Atari during The Second Age, followed by Nintendo, and Sega. Who came around the 8-bit Third Age. During he Second Age, the well established Lord Atari was approach by Nintendo wanting to reach the lands of America with the Famicon. So a deal was to be agreed on CES, but as it is in business, a misunderstand (and legal issues!) caused this to falter. Their standing could not be mended, and as the Second Age came crashing down (1982), it took Atari into the Void. Nintendo was left to go it along either way, and released its console on 1986. But it will be followed by Sega whom had survived into the Third Age with its Master system, but for now Nintendo would bask in the spoils of marker majority. Unaware of what awaited in the future.


The marketing strategy of winning hearts and minds.

The 8-bit Third Age for Nintendo came to an end when Sega unleashed the Genesis in 1988. To which Nintendo responded with the Super Famicon. Thus the Fragile Fourth Age began, and was unlike previous ones, with tough marketing campaigns, catchy slandering slogans, and 16-bits. It set the tone for future engagements, and marks a split among the Children of Ilúvatar into fanboy factions. The war raged right into the 90s, and saw Nintendo loose its great holds on the market percentage, by percentage. Even with the Maiar Mario, the struggle with Sega, and its counter part Sonic was not enough to wane the free market forces.


But Nintendo resisted, it sought an alliance with Sony Corp. to throw back the forces of Sega by harnessing the powers of CD-ROM format. But Sony began to work forward with its own ambitions of holding a portion of the gaming world through the alliance with Nintendo, albeit if one sided. It assumed Nintendo had agreed to the fine print, but in 1991, once more at CES, betrayal, deceit, and legal conundrum came to light. With the fall of the alliance Sega pushed first with the Saturn in 1995, the Fourth Age had ended.

Meanwhile Sony used what it had developed with Nintendo, and drew new life to its entertainment department in 1993. In the wake of 1995 drawing from a Silmaril of of sorts, it released the PlayStation on late 1995. Nintendo not wanting to be sucked into the Void, caught up in 1996 with the N64, marking it as the Fifth Age of Heroes. With new a new challengers (Sony) swelling it ranks as new IPs, old ones where given new reborn to do battle. Humanity truly benefited from this struggle, and Sega waned behind or so it appeared...End of Part I.

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