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The Graveyard Shift *Classic Edition V.06b Swift Justice!

"No freeman shall be taken, imprisoned, or in any other way destroyed, except by the lawful judgment of TAY." This is for you, the late night/early birds/ future warriors!

Hello, and welcome back to your second taste of TAY:Open Forum otherwise known as the Graveyard shift! Tonight we go over to the catacombs to the makeshift court room. In the hopes that all have their case heard and plea to their hearts delight. Lets get started.


Tonight's Shift...Swift Justice!

Besides the inquisitorial court style of Japan and their 99% conviction rate (wow), the Ace Attorney series is addicting. Being addicted to judicial system is another matter all together. :I

Judge getting some face time.

Borrowing a friend's DS and a copy of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, I suited up to walk in the shoes of rookie (but he is an ace!) Phoenix. Under the (eventual ghostly) guidance of Mia Fey, what could possible go wrong?


The first case to be thrown at the office...a MURDER of passionate proportions. :O
Not only that, my best friend is the accused! But not to worry, a tutorial, and a serving of justice later this game had won me (and the case) over right there and then.

The game then throws a depraved-heart murder at me, and a posses demon child Maya to boot. Now, I really love the investigation phase, and talking to quirky witnesses (over, and over) to collect all the evidence for the case. If not, poor old Gumshoe will get fired. =(


Then Mr. Miles Edgeworth appears, and my hopes of becoming best of buds suddenly gets an injunction.

What could have been...

Cases not only start getting more interesting (Steel samurai a suicide?!), the difficulty goes up and up as well. At this point, the game can break your aspirations as an attorney or fulfill your lusting heart for justice.


For me....I don't have the mettle for Manfred Von Karma. But that's okay, I can keep replaying the old cases over and over (=P). Going back to the characters, evidence, and digging a bit deeper into old files. That's what makes the series so addicting, and fun. Making the justice you must swiftly serve in their behalf the more satisfying.

*Thanks for reading this far! If the jurors could drop some feedback on today's hearing that would be nice!

Other than that...this concludes the first and last Swift Justice shift ...

To be continued?

*The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, job loss, insomnia, and failing grades. Don't forget to head over to TAY for the the Open Forum. Or TAYClassic for all your loitering.


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