For the night is long, and turns even longer... This is for you! The late night/early bird/future warriors!

Hello! Welcome to the second taste of TAY:Open form otherwise known as the Graveyard Shift! So put on your gauntlets, grab a shield, and choose your weapon!

Tonight's Shift...A Game of Chess!

If that doesn't describe the first installment of Medieval: Total War, them I am at a loss (really).

You either win or restart!

Staring with the house to represent; take up the banner of France and restore its former glory that was Charlemagne's Frankish empire? Honor William the Conqueror and prepare for a century of war? Would you ride for Castile in the reconquest of Hispania or consider aiding the Moors further ambition into Europe? Hold fast the Holy Roman Empire against rebellion by its princes, and papacy itself? Or unite Europe under the steel boot and reclaim the glory of Rome as the decaying Byzantine?


But in actuality the better part of the game came in the expansion. Where you had to unite the English isles, and stop those pesky recruiting....*drum roll*


Just had worth it.

  • Whats that? Your general knows nothing? You been excommunicated?! Well good luck with those crusades....Or is there something else you with to share? Raise your weapon and let hear your battle cry! It now or never!
  • Thanks for reading, and drop a florin or two on how of dreadful job I am doing....wont plot revenge at all.

Other than that...this concludes first and last A Game of Chess shift...

To be continued?

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