Jud warned me, 'Sometimes dead is better...', but I didn't listen. This is for you! The late night/early birds/ future warriors!

Hello, and welcome back to your second taste of TAY:Open Forum, otherwise known as the Graveyard shift! In the hopes everyone has their say, an old relic from a time long forgotten has been found. Let us look upon it, and scream in horror together. Lets get started.

Tonight's Shift...The HORROR Tech.

That horror being dial up! Oh yes, the nightmarish little 57k box that never truly died off. It stills linger on, being the vain off those who can't afford an upgrade, and envy the local library (ever wondered why people use the pc's?). Imagine (carefully) there is 6% - 10% of the population that are stuck with it *gasp* and I though this was Amurika! >:(

I remember the long nights with 57k speed. In 200x that is... Oh boy, was writing articles for school fun. Not really. :| It was really bad. Think you are finishing that power point for class? *Boom* hurricane just knocked the power out, just as you were saving it... ( ._.)


Or some one picked up the phone. : /

But hey, we have come far in the last decades or so (can't wait to download burgers..) when it comes to speed, and having it on the go to boot. Thankfully, a majority (sorry " We are the 6-10%" people) of us have access to a modern broadband connection. Despite the providers lobbying to chain and control access, and content, so stay vigilant! So thinking of downgrading for what ever reason is just ludicrous. Only a disaster of global apocalyptic Mad Max proportions would be a good excuse to do so...maybe.

Can't even imagine multilayer of any sort or always being on (but who would?), and TAY on dial up...*shiver* But always keep in mind, we are now a connected world, and bare witness to both the good, bad, and its horrors.


So on a final note before returning this artifact to the hell hole it spawned from, I hope everyone had a good weekend, and had a chance to appreciate the small thing in life. If you didn't...chin up champ, at least you don't have dial up. ;)

"Pet Samatary, now that's a story, tell you about it some time"

  • What's that? Don't pick up the phone? My Cousin Vinny was better? Or is is something else you wish to share? Scream it out in a dramatic way. Its now or never!
  • You have any idea how crazy I thought about writing this?!
  • Wondering why the shift closes up for the weekend? That's because the Graveyard shift is literally a mega spiraling necropolis that goes skyward and underground into unknown depths, filled with mystery and adventure, and I get lost wondering about for write ups
  • Thanks for reading this far, drop some feed back on how horrible my write ups are, will not hate you for it...really.

Other than that...this concludes first and last the HORROR Tech shift...

To be continued?

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