I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The Graveyard Shift *Classic Edition V.07c - Meeting the LAN Chief

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Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 AKA the Green Devil! This is for you the Late Night/Early Birds/Future Warriors!


Hello fellow TAYers! Welcome to this late second edition of TAY: Open Forum, otherwise known as the Graveyard Shift! where you get a second chance to load up, get on that warhog, and take the fight to the Covenant!

Tonight's shift...Meeting the Chief

Well for starters, the Halo franchise, and the Chief have been around since the Xbox( the first one). We seen him take on Hunters all by himself, battle waves of grunts, taken on Elites on with his bare hands, done delivery runs, and fall to a planet like a boss.


So at one point or another we have take his role once more, to take on the Covenant, and delay the destruction of humanity. But when was the first time you met the Chief?

It came out for PC/MAC on 03, before the console release in 05. So to begin it was once more at a friends house, that I first met the Chief. Did not know what to expect as the controllers at the time where beastly in size to say the least. But for sure as soon as I took note that we where in space, on a ship under attack, and an AI with attitude. Now something good had to follow. Popsicle Chief did not disappoint. His silent demeanor was not admirable, but he made that up by staking grunts left and right. Then planet or ring fall happened. This where the full game would take place. And where you truly begin to realize how strong that suit of hid is. But I am sure you know how this ends. ;)


Something like this....

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