Look on my eyes, ye mighty fighters, and DESPAIR! YOU will fail! This is for you, the Late Night/Early Birds/Future Warriors!

Hello fighters of TAY, and welcome to tonight's rumble! Where you get an opportunity to continue, and have another go at the TAY: Open Forum on the Graveyard shift! So pick your best fighter, and prepare yourself for a mauling.

Tonight's Shift...You Will Loose!

Or rage quite, that's usually the case as well...Oh yeah, if you are wandering who she is; Jun Kazama from the Tekken series. In her final Unknown form as the final stage match in Tekken Tag 2. Let me tell you one thing....OHMYGOD why is she so tough?!

Now I am talking tonight about that tough final fight of the arcade version of a the game or any fighting game for that matter. You know the last final showdown where it can either end in victorious glory or teary despair with a tad of self loathing because you quit after 3 hours.


Don't be fooled by how fabulous this stage is!

I though Seth was a tough jerk face to handle, but he was easy to figure out, and beat down afterwards. But Jun? Yes she was always with the top tier of fighters that can dish out the pain like no one business, like in previous installments. But was not prepare for the ass kicking she dealt to my poor old buddy King...


Is not that she is cheap or cheats like all IA do ( I for one don't look forward to our cheating machine overlords >.> ), but how she counters your moves like crazy. Leaving you with just mere seconds to react by either dodging away or risk a counter move. Either way, if you fail to master any of those two You Will Loose!

How did I get past her you ask? Pulled the infamous strategy of sweeping the legs...( ._.)

So fellow TAYers what fighter is the vain of your fighting career(AI or not)? Who will make you loose!


Also, a nice feature of the game is being able to upload you own tracks to the stage fights, and this being my bro's game he put this for her stage fight...