'It is the year 0079 of the Universal Century. The cluster colonies farthest from Earth, Side Three, proclaimed itself the Principality of.....' This is for you, the Late Night/Early Birds/Future Warriors!

Hey there fellow NewTAYer! Final adjustments have been made, and all systems are go, for your second chance of TAY: Open Forum, otherwise known as the Graveyard Shift. So suit up, man your mobile suit, and get ready to launch!

First If you don't know the original story, this is the jest of it...

A portion of Earth's colonies declare independence, war breaks out, half of humanity is dead, and the protagonist is a whinny kid who (somehow) turns the tide of the One Year War. Oh and the Red Comet


Tonight's Shift...Zeon vs. Federation

Well, not going to talk about the series, that is a whole different matter. I am assuming there aren't a lot who are into Gundam, but sure into mech combat games, and I love to check those out, so chime in, and let me know about them, and why you love it!


This game is purely that, on the simplest of actions, but it ca be hard. To start this game does not have a large selection of mobile suits; 15 suit for Zeon, but 3 of those are Char customs >.> the Federation has 6....Jut LOOK at the cover, and that's what you get basically.

The only customization is on the Zaku I & II (or the GM), but only for the weapons. So game falls short on that end off the bat. But where this game truly shines, and why I love going back to it, is for the campaign that encompasses the whole One Year War in missions (up to 35+). So form a simple tutorial on earth, to Operation British, chilling with the Black Tri-Stars, assaulting Jaburo, getting killed by f*cking Amuro (he can literally kill you in one shot!), and desperately defending of space fortress of A baoa Qu, the game covers or every engagement possible. That is, if you choose to participate in that said engagement.


So as the name implies, you choose the side to fight for. And basically you could ignore the main story events, and juts rack up the score. It doesn't force you to follow it so you are free to do easier more fun missions. Or you can do stage arcade mode, and even have a custom battle and take on 3 GM with the Zeong or Gelgoo in space, just don't expect to win at all!

  • What? Why is this late? Well the shift is supposed to be late! What? That's bollocks? Well either way tell me about your favorite mech games, it is now or never!
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