I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Tonight shift’s... To Pass The Time!

Oh hey look is everyones else favorite mouse that’s not from Mars!

I am sure at one point or another either now or in an alternative timeline you watch those oldie animated shorts that Disney produced during the 1980s(I not sure if it was the 80s but to lazy to research that, so gonna say 80s). You know the ones were they go ghost busting, camping, or some kind of shenanigans that dosen’t involve a high degree of good o’l sublte gruesome violence unless it’s Goofy.


That’s why back 2 years ago when theses new shorts start coming around I they were a bit of a surprise. They had an old vintage arty style, and went all out with the wackiness. They have a Ren & Stimpy feel at times, but still kept it tame.

Well.. as tame as licking gnomes, selling yourself out for cash like a high class one trick horse, making innuendos about sandwiches, cannibalism, multiculturalism, and jabs at the economy they can get away with. If Walt could, he would raise from his cold slumber, jack himself to his robot body and kill us all.

Where am I going with this you ask?


  • So fellow homo-TAYpiens what something you recently been reading, watching, or doing to pass the time?
  • Do you have some shorts to share?
  • Or whatever really...

Well as always feel free to ignore all that is above, and talk about games, life, and whatever your heart trulyy desires...cookies? Oh I am so there!



“The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for being picked last”

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