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Tonight’s Shift’s... IT MUST FEED!

Welp weekend is over and hopefully it was an enjoyable one for you peeps. And as always here at TAY we can’t have enough talk about food, because who dosen’t ’t love food? Answer: Sentient space rocks.

But anyways, found a particular brand(Greenwise?) of meat that ended up making some damn good burgers. Still had to season it, but holy shet was it good. And now, I am craving some of that patty... but it’s all gone... a casualty of the cosmic war on hunger.

So on to the off topic of the night...

  • What do you crave for at this very moment? Or been craving for a while? What is your TO DIE FOR food? What’s that? You weren’t hungry till now, and are mad at me? Well sorry... not sorry.


But as always you set the topic aside, and talk about games, life, games about food, and food life. Or whatever your fourth stomach desires!


How do you play the straw?

“The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for not getting that reference again....”