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Hello people, Nach here! Your lovely host bringing always something interesting to talk about during the Graveyard Shift, my last few entries has been about nostalgia and our favorite moments from the creations of Matt Groening, today I will keep it simple... alla Nach (AKA not simple)!

But First!

Keep an eye on these Poe Ghosts I found while taking care of the graveyard:

....And now let us return to our main feature for the night!

Our topics for the night are...

Rhythm Games (and rhythm mini games too)!

It's no secret that I love music, so this one should a no brainer for me... but heh! I'm really not as good as I though, missing notes, skipping beats, and really not understanding the instruments , but you know I blame the plastic! I never felt comfortable playing the drums in Rock Band (someone around here has a healthy amount of crazies for that game ^.^) cause the feedback is so lacking... heh! apart from that I do love my rhythm games, Rhythm Heaven Fever being one of my favorites, something I already expressed a few weeks ago, and I believe Kirk Hamilton explained it better in his review...

"Rhythm Heaven Fever is a focused, merciless rhythm game, as charming in its imaginative art as it is punishing in its stringent difficulty. It's addictive, hilarious, maddening and delightful"


Victory Poses and Themes!

It's the last round of the tournament, you are loosing, but some few combos later you turn around the fight and end up victorious! and what better way to celebrate than watching your character rejoice in the screen!

And Luigi is a genius at that! "Bang Bang" Hilarious!

But what about the themes? The infamous FF Victory theme? Or what about Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, they are both the same but different arrangements that adjust better to the mood of each game, Pokemon, Starfox... the list goes on and on!


Favorite simple-pleasure in a game (which I may or may have not stole from Duck's TAY Classic Post).


And as I said in that post, for me it's standing still doing nothing and listening to the music, but there's one event in special that really makes my younger self scream in excitement, in Pokemon Black & White, whenever you fought a Gym Leader this was the theme that came out of the speakers...

Pretty tense and thrilling, great for a boss battle! It pumps you up for the occasion! but then something that no other game in the series did before, when the Gym Leader gives you the speech about him/her using the last Pokemon... well something magical happens...

The theme changes into a flurry of nostalgia... oh man the time I wasted just listening to this remix of the Pokemon Theme, I can't stop smiling whenever I hear that tune!



So that's about it! pick a topic to talk about, or two, or all three, or maybe none and just talk about anything else cause this is the Graveyard Shift ^.^


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