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Tonight's Shift... Reality Bites

Most of the times at least, but more than most of the time, it is the reason why we play games. Just to get way from it for a bit. But we already had topics on worlds that would be fun to live in or experience. Be in a fantasy setting or fantastic future. Never got into professions aside from specific settings and examples.


But lest face it, the image above is a prime example of what it would really be like. Pretty damn awesome.

So for the off-topic of the night. Knowing the risk of an uneventful demise, what profession would you like to hold in a world of your choice, and if you want to, how would you like to go down? A street fighter? An actual pokemon trainer? Space bounty hunter? Or maybe a ruler of some weirdos fungus people? Hmm those sound dangerous.

What's that? You want to live forever? Okay. Well, feel free to talk about other stuff then. Be life trophies and accomplishments or game goals and tough decision. Whatever it is just TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!

"The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for your thirst for orphan blood!"

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