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Tonight's Shift... Does The End Justifies The Means?

"If my work spares a million mothers mourning the loss of a million sons, my conscience will rest easy." - Dr. Gavin Archer

What a jerk...

Oh hey everyone ^^ welcome back to the weekday grind! For tonight I was thinking about decision making games permit us to make. I use 'permit' since for the most part, you will always follow an overall script in one way or another without any say. But few games allow some input (or not) that would come back to have an affect of some sort.

Mass Effect (I only played the 2nd installment) just does it right. Of course you're still following the overall goal. But there is one particular mission, the Overload Assignment that got me really thinking about it. How you ask? Well without going in a long explanation, just think at the overall story of *The Last Of Us, and how the story is told. You're are basically strapped as Joel, and that final decision he makes. If you haven't played the latter or former, then let me put it this way...


Fellow TAYtertops, are there any particular sections of a story where you wished you could have changed the outcome instead of being a witness? How much thought do you give them afterwards? *Does the end justifies the means of how you would have done it instead(how an event played out)? The choices we make, they always seem harmless at first don't they?

Whatever your decision, you are as always free to ignore the topics, and share your game stories and life achievement....so TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!

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