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The Graveyard Shift Day Time Announcement

Can’t Work! Does the internet have you under is passionate clutches and prevent you from working?! Working on your summer body?! Working?! Or did the day just get rolling on your side of the globe? Well its still day time around here, so how about a small announcement, you pale children of the day!

Dang Taytertops, it has been a while since the first post, and still a tad difficult to think up some nice ice breakers for topics after 3 years of nightly graveyards. Yup 3 years, can you believe it? I can’t.

Seriously I can’t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But it couldn’t have been possible without some wonderful community members.


You know who you are, and regardless of how much you put into it or if it has been a while. It has always been nice to read those small excerpts you guys came up on the fly. So thank you, to all of yous who offer up your precious time to host the late night graveyard shift. I hope it gave a small space to vent out or say what you got in your chest, or just silly non-serious shenanigans, and continues to do so. No contribution is too small in my view, so again thank you guys for lending a hand. And with that...

I will be hosting the GS this whole week =P


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