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Hoo boy! Last Friday I mentioned that I had plans of going to a concert at the University of Miami. The idea was to implement two different orchestras and one choir to perform songs from video games. The concert being organized by the school of music from UM, was obviously influenced by the students of said school.

I mentioned how I'm usually skeptic to these kind of events cause usually they just destroy my favorite songs from video games, to the point they no longer hold anything that links them to the source material. Dear lord... this concert was memorable, but for the wrong reasons.

As soon as I read the programme I knew I was in for a ride. Performing songs for Pong?! Final Fantasy X over any other game in the series?! and a whole suite dedicated to... Metal Slug? Luckily for me, they had a whole section dedicated to two of my favorite games, one for the Legend of Zelda Series and another for Chrono Trigger, but those two were being played just after the intermission.


The first half opened with... you guessed it, a love song of sorts to the origin of video games, a concerto that did not include Pacman! Pong was present, same as Tetris, and of course Super Mario Bros, but no Pacman. After an introduction the real concert started with some nifty pieces, specially the whole piece dedicated to Civilization V. Then it scaled up in tempo with the Metal Slug suite.... and color me impressed! It was an energetic, progressive track alternating between Jazz and Classical music.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better the Halo Theme rearrangement started... Oh my GROD! Look I'm not the biggest Halo fan out there, heck I wouldn't even call myself a band, but I appreciate the music from the game, and the Halo Theme is simply one of the best tracks in the series (that is after the whole ODST soundtrack). But this... this version was out of this world! A tribal intro with drums and percussion, building up with the chorus chants and exploding into a mesmerizing and delicious iteration of the main part of the theme. It was a bold interpretation of the theme and honestly I applaud them for actually taking a huge risk, and delivering something unique.


Then the intermission came. Previous to the concert a Smash Bros 4 Tourney took place in the Auditorium. The finals was going to be played right before the band started the second part of the concert. It was a Pikachu vs. Olimar final and it was abysmal! Honestly we TAY peeps are way better than what was in display that night. I was utterly disappointed.

Nevertheless of the outcome of said final, I knew that what was coming after it would be a doozy. The Suite for Rescuing the Girl consisted of two pieces. A Legend of Zelda Series Medley and the Chrono Trigger Medley.


Color me unimpressed... The Zelda medley was disastrous the arrangement was simply awkward and when they started playing the Gerudo Valley theme, they just simply copied the same arrangement from the Hyrule Orchestra concerts. The only redeeming part was when they played the Great Ocean Theme.

Then the Chrono Trigger Medley started aaaaand.... they forgot to include the best song of the game! I mean if you're playing the music of Chrono Trigger and you don't play Gato's Song.... is like you never played anything meaningful from the series! But seriously... they did not play Corridors of Time!


All this and I forgot to mention that they played Still Alive from Portal...

Don't get me started on how bad it was.

Anyway... this long winded TAyveyard is all about disappointments, specially the music related disappointments, Have you ever been to a concert where the whole experience left you wondering if you just wasted your money?


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