I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tonight's Shift... Fall of Friendships

Monday night, we gonna have some fun or something something, hope it doesn't end in mutual nuclear annihilation♪ But it did...


Oh, was just thinking about old times playing Rise Of Nation (2003) with some friends. The top image is a good example of how it plays; concept art prior to its release by Terranova. Interesting how the final product turned out. A bit like AoE.

Nevertheless its still a fun game to play with friends....until someone puts on their mad man hat - me. Ahh well, a bit embarrassing ^^; but there are those times when a friendly game can turn into drama, and really sour relations. This particular 4 players game was one of them.


There was no way I was gonna make the deteriorating situation into a stalemate, and could not quit without ending the game(didn't want to do that.) So I did the sensible thing, and amassed IBMs. By the time 2 of my warring friends realized my master plan it was too late. But here is when I messed up....

I nuked our 3rd friend who had played as a pacifist, and had spent the whole game building cities in our names. Taking every painstaking effort to make then aesthetic as possible. Nuclear winter set in GAME OVER.

Pacifist: I can't believe you did that... Don't talk to me ever again.

Kluge: :<

2 months later we made peace, and had a good laugh about it :3 But a valuable lesson was learned. There is no greater threat to friendship than the impending doom of nuclear annihilation.


So fellow TAYers, have you ever gotten into a situation where your actions or for that matter a friends actions soured your relationship? No? Cool head always win out?! GET OFF MY INTERNET YOU HIPPIE! But do feel free to talk about game, and how you been surviving the game of life. So TALKS AMONGST YOURSELVES!

Hmmm current world new....so appropriate =p

The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for reminiscing about Grave of the Fireflies 2: Here comes the tears!

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