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Gamer’s Christmas is upon us, with E3 only a couple of days away all sort of news, announcements and leaks are flooding the interwebz. Bethesda has a small surprise for Fallout fans tomorrow, Nintendo already spilled the beans on Sunday and Monday, and Sony has been teasing Project Morpheus. And with all this buzz... I still have not heard the first thing about the Kinect’s future... srsly MS! Get your act together!


Also... who said the PS Move was dead?! Anyway... Tonight’s topic is:

Are you excited about E3? What are you looking forward the most at this year’s Expo?

I’m quite excited about Fallout 4, cause I love the hell out of the two last gen releases, but of course the child in me that still wants to believe that Rare is good for something is eager to know about their plans for the future. Furthermore, the Nintendo fanboy in me wants to know more about everything the big N shows this year. Oh... and Uncharted 4, cannot forget about Nathan Drake’s misadventures.

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