I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Guys, I have a problem. I'm completely addicted to Daredevil. I've gone through the entire first season twice now. It is, by far, my favorite project to come out of Marvel. It is exactly the kind of show Marvel needed to round out their roster of characters, and exactly the kind of show the character deserved.

It's exactly the kind of show Spider-Man should get, but never will due to his popularity.

There's no way Sony would miss out on making another Spider-Man movie. The character is just far too popular to miss out on the kind of money movies rake in. But the Spider-Man movies are always a giant spectacle. And, sure, Spidey has been involved in his fair share of giant spectacles. But at his core, Spidey is a street level hero like Daredevil. Most of his rogues gallery are villains like Tombstone, or the Vulture. Do you think we'll ever see the webhead take on the vulture in a giant spectacle movie? I highly doubt it. He's going to cameo in an upcoming Avengers movie, but that isn't where I believe he belongs. Plus, selfishly, I really want to see a wisecracking Spider-Man take on Daredevil's Kingpin of crime.


So, onto today's topic; can you think of an instance where a show or game you like is being held back by the popularity of one of its characters?

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