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Disappointment is something we’ve all had to go through. Perhaps that movie you were looking forward to was a bomb. Perhaps that video game that every reviewer was giving 9s and 10s was one that could have waited a few months until it went on sale on Steam. Or perhaps you were the one who disapponited someone you care about. Let’s talk about it here on the Graveyard Shift.

I discovered that the IzumiCon anime convention, the jewel in the social calander of the nerd community of Oklahoma City has been pushed back to January of 2017. As a bag con fan and someone who works on staff I was not thrilled by this news. It isn’t all bad. I can have more time to get panels and costumes together. But It was disappointing to learn that we won’t have an IzumiCon in 2016.


Did you ever disappoint your parents? I don’t know if it’s true for girls but for guys in most cases you would rather your parents, for me it was mainly my father, to be angry rather than disappointed in you. That was always the worst. You would rather get yelled at than sit in the silence of disappointment.

So that’s today’s two part discussion topic.

#1. Has something happened recently that has made you disappointed? It could be anything from your reaction to the Dune prequels to something a friend did or didn’t do.


#2 Did you ever do anything as a kid to make your parents disappointed?

If neither of those topics strike your fancy, then discuss whatever you want. For tonight’s music, we’re going completly against the topic. We’re gonna jam to some Rush, the most un-disappointing band ever. Rock on my friends, and have a great evening!


Tom Sawyer



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