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Tonight's Shift... Maybe you're a cat person...

Hey peeps! Another monday night of the early weekday grinds... I got something to say though....Pugs...I would love to own a pug. With their inbreed punch in face, and snort sounds that is a sign of breathing problems, and all while being a fat lump of pure cuteness.


All I know is that there is a chance I would end up being the opposite of a crazy cat person.


But maybe you peeps aren't into dog, maybe you are into hamsters or snakes or even cats.


So for tonight, what are kind of pets do you like? Would you like to have or just go crazy person for?

Can't because of allergies? Oh WELP! Then feel free to talk about whatever you feel like below. Be about the PUG LIFE, or the video game one about PUG LIFE! So...TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!