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The Graveyard Shift: DogTAYku Arooo! - U。・ェ・。U

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Hello TAY Nach here... there's been some technical difficulties and Tuttles can't come today, so I'm gonna cover for him once again ^^; he's alright my fellow poTAYtoes :D so, last week was TUT favorite animal... this week I'm spicing things up...

But first let's look at today's round up!

I'm pretty much a silly person when it comes to animals... I love them <3 but dogs... WOOF! They're definitely my cup of tea! With their silly faces, wagging tails, and silly behaviour, unlike cats dogs depend a lot on their owners, they're a bit stupid too... but they're the sweetest things ever ^^;


This lil guy is my partner every time I have to go to my aunt's house,while they bicker all day long talking about politics, or daydreaming about going back to Venezuela, I spend all day playing and cuddling him, he's a bit of a doofus but I don't mind :D like any great dog, he's always waits for me whenever I go to the bathroom or go out to the backyard... reminds me of that Futurama episode >.< poor Seymour :(

So just like last Wednesday, let's talk about dogs, famous dogs, dogs in video games, etc etc ^^, or just you know talk amongst yourselves... let's have some fun!


Also have some chocolate :3


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