I fixed my financial aide, saw a relative I haven’t seen in years, and my birthday’s on Tuesday, which coincides with my 8th year sober. Let’s do the fuckin’ thing.

What’s up motherTAYers? Among all those things going on in the everlasting crap-storm that is my life, I’m working on my latest screenplay, which is going a bit turbulent, but i’m keeping at it, piecing it all together one moment at a time. Christ I wish I could conventionally pound these things out. Anyway, I’m turning even older on Tuesday, and while the thought really pisses me off, I’m kinda looking forward to being able to shovel crap I shouldn’t eat into my craw until the following morning of howling and writhing in pain. I’m just that masochistic.

Anyway, question time

What was the best gaming related birthday gift you’ve ever gotten? (No, self-bought or overly expensive gifts don’t apply, unless there’s some schmaltzy story behind the latter)


Do the thing. I’m takin’ a nap. :3