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So . . . Has anyone here ever done something really stupid they once saw in a game or some TV show or anything like that? I know I have! Yea, I know, I know . . . But c'mon guys, freerunning's so cool! Who cares if it's potentially dangerous, right? :D

Hehe. But you guys know what I'm talking about. I'm sure there's been times where you saw something cool and totally decided to try it out. There's this very specific moment in my gaming career where I just dropped what I was doing, just to see if it was possible at all. It was MGS2, in the Big Shell chapter. Specifically, that part where Raiden has to crouch-walk against the wall along an awfully narrow little bridge area. It just seemed crazy to me, and I knew I had to test it out. Naturally, I made a trip to the nearest oil rig (Next closest thing, right?), blew it up, and the- Nah, I just walked along my hallway, just stepping on the tile floor, allowing myself only a little over a foot of width to move on . . . It's totally doable ^^; I guess it helps that I didn't have water at the bottom if I failed and fell a nasty distance, but the basic premise is plausible.

SO, what about you guys? Ever done something like that? How about comparing your performance in certain tasks to those of your characters? I know I can do more pull ups than Snake in his first strength level ^^ Pffft, and people say games are a bad influence.

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