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Let's talk about OCD. Or you know, what we all refer to "OCD" or whatever. Those tiny little things that just bug the shit out of you, and you won't stop until it's done right. Today, I probably restarted Resident Evil THREE times before finally settling on something good. What with all the different routes and so on, and inventory issues and all that. Was trying to avoid a few encounters, and ended up getting the acid rounds a little earlier than I would've wanted to, without having access to the item box, and ended up having to skip a few herbs, and . . . Uhg.

And the stupid thing is, you're probably thinking "So . . ? Just go back and back track, dude. That's what that game is all about"

Well, yea, but, time, you know? TIME. There's few things that annoy me in games, than stats. It's just a number, I know, but it's a number I'm thinking about, and fretting, and wasting time on.

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