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The Graveyard Shift: Duck?!

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Hello people! Welcome to Casa de Nach! Please take a seat and wait for the cookies to be ready... So it's been a while since I had some time for myself... these last couple of weeks have been super exhausting, I love having my family visiting but having all of them at the same time, well... that's not an easy task =/ anyhoo the ordeal is over and now I can finally re-watch 30 Rock all over again!

I swear I can't get enough of this show! It's just too damn hilarious! I mean no other show dresses up Tracy Morgan as a giant fluffy duck only to be shown in a flashback that lasts less than a second! But wait... before I continue with tonight's topic let's go over to some of TAY's finest selection of articles:

Not everything has been rewatching old shows, I also started watching Gatchaman Crowds, thanks to UI recommendation a few months ago, and Monster, both have been pretty great so far, I can only praise the former for it's colourful palette and bright visuals... of all the shows I've watch since my 10 year long hiatus from Anime this one has one of the best art style if not the best I've ever seen... Also that soundtrack... I can't get enough of it!



Although Gatchaman took me a couple of episodes to get the hang of it, mostly because the chemistry between the characters needed some time to create some sparks, Monster hooked me up inmediately only to be let down by a couple of slow episodes =/ (I'm looking at you episodes 9 and 10!), now twenty episodes in... I'm still not convinced with the pacing of the story so far... there are a few nuisances here and there and some cheap cliffhangers too, but knowing that some shows take some time to get their rhythm I will keep on watching this one before pondering whether I should throw the towel or not!


I know Fyst is excited for at least a couple of shows from the Winter Anime list, but what about my fellow TAYters? Anything new has caught your eye?


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