I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Some acceptable Graveyard update....

Tonight's Shift...AHHH UUUUUHHHHH! (When life gives you Lemons)*

Hey fellow TAYans, and welcome back to another monday night at the Graveyard. Sooo...ahhh yeah, when the day throws a curve bowling ball your way, and the only way to catch it, is with your toe >_>; The kinda dumb stuff that makes the little things for the rest of the day unacceptable to bare. But there is really no point in getting upset over spilled lemonade.


Sure you feel like giving that person a good pimp slap for suggesting to get over it or could be worse attitude. But you know what? Let me revel in my AHHHHH UUUHHHHH! by taking a long run or a few shield bashing with Amuro ^^;

So fellow TAYans, when life gives you lemons, what's your favorite way to deal with all that noise? Music, Games, sweat it out? Or maybe a combinations of all of them? Well, What ever the case feel free post about life with all its curve balls or maybe the lack of gaming achievements that made you sour. Soooo TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES AHHHH UHHHH!

The SoundClound, that's where I found the thing.

The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your UNACCEPTABLE JOKES!

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"The Graveyard Shift, because sleep is for the living!"


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