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[Art from Yusuke Murata illustration of ONE's manga One-Punch Man ]

Tonight's Shift ... Or Old!

Hey TAY! THE END IS NIGH! And only 40ish hours remaining till 2015 gets rolling. But let's hold on to 2014 for a bit longer.

But no hoarding...

Been an interesting year in both real world news, and not so real online world news. But sticking with the insignificant... were I found myself going back to actively searching for manga and shows binge on. But more on thew former since it had been a while since I had been introduced and enjoyed worthwhile material to read. Aside from getting more into gundam...


Series such as the One-punch man manga. Mostly because the author and plot doesn't take itself serious. No volumptious plot, broken op main character, nor a great moral dilema. Just plain not giving a single fuck fun.

So this year brought me back to late nights of just binging on manga. What new stuff I did? Well pretty much when we did run club, and I truly enjoyed that with everyone involved. So thanks Aikage.


Also kinja still sucks. So any fellow admin if you could edit the HTML... Mobil sucks a well. You all have failed...

  • So fellow citizens, did you do something new this year? Some old habits popped up? Did ya do the thing? Or you just going through the motions? Well whatever you choose to share or not, feel free to talk about the circle of life, and shit and giggles below.



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