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The Graveyard Shift *Something Edition - The Art of Story Telling

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Tonight's Shift... The Art of Story Telling

Hey TAYers! It is another later or early monday night or evening...whatever. So sit, relax, and don't panic at all the stuff you should gotten done, but didn't. Is it Friday yet? >_>;

So the art of not sucking at telling a good story. Some games are all about the action, the puzzles, explosions, mechs, gawdanm clickers and some are just about the story. This would either make or brake some games. Games such as BattleBlock Theater has a straight forward story, and takes a humorous and witty approach to make light of the very dire circumstances; A very Cirque du Soleil Planet of the Apes situation. Which makes the game great, aside from the silly gameplay.


So lets get on to the off topic of the topic of tonight! Or not....if you already commented without getting this far you jerk j _ j

So two things actually, are there any game stories you just love more than the actual gameplay, even if it was tedious, and you just wanted to be done with it? Or is there a game you wanted the story to work, but man where they all over the place and just needed to do the thing? You know...the THING! Well whatever you choose to answer or not *CoughJERKcough* feel free to talk about games, life, and everything nice to your hearts content below. So...TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!

Sand papery tongue...ewww >_<

"The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for the butt salad!"

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