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The Graveyard Shift - Editor Edition!

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So apparently I’m gonna be doing Monday nights on a regular basis now, at least for the next couple months or so. So now I host one Open Forum, one TAY Time Chat, and one Graveyard Shift. I have the whole set! What do I win?


Anyway, I’ll be in and out tonight as I work through this assignment due tomorrow morning that I haven’t even started yet. Yay for having too much to do. Anyway, it should be simple enough. All I need to do is make a level using Portal 2’s level editor.

And that brings us to tonight’s topic! What is your favorite level editor in a video game? But, if you don’t have one, fear not, for you can Talk Amongst Yourselves about whatever you like!

My own answer, of course, is the Forge from Halo. I played around so much with it in its first incarnation in Halo 3, and then Bungie took it to the next level in Reach, and I made some fantastic maps. They added a ton of improvements in Halo 4, but I never really had the time. But when Forge comes to Halo 5 in December, I think there’s a lot of potential there.

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