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In light of those disturbing reports about all of the Gmail passwords getting leaked today, I went ahead and played it safe and started to rework all of the security stuff for my Gmail accounts. You know, the basic stuff, like double checking that I have a back-up e-mail to send my reset password link to, or making sure that it authenticates with my phone, or that I have a security question. You know, pretty basic stuff all in all.


I got to one of my security questions and just stared at it. I never remembered making that my question, and I don't remember if it was one of those questions that I tried to trick myself into thinking something unrelated or not. I think everyone has had to do one of those at some point, right? "What's your favorite sports car?"; "Cabbage." Things like that. But this question just... kept bothering me.

What was the name of your first teacher?

I didn't know how I answered that. Not that I didn't know who my first teacher was, exactly, just that I wasn't sure if I knew how to spell her name. I wasn't sure if I ever knew how to spell her name. But there the question was, staring me blank in the face, and I could only help but assume that I was trying to nudge myself towards "Favorite Teacher."


Needless to say that the question is now changed from first to favorite, since I didn't realize you could make your own questions in Google Mail until today. But after I changed it, I couldn't help but check my e-mail again. This was a teacher that I was in contact with for years after I left his class. We'd sporadically send e-mails back and forth until they eventually kind of tapered off, as e-mails often do. As I went through them, I couldn't help but try to imagine what it was that made him my favorite... I suppose he was just relatable.

I was a part of his first ever class. Of course, he'd taught before elsewhere as a student teacher, but this was the first class that was actually his. He hadn't gone through the entire "teacherification" process, where the instructors become a little distant and disheartened by the school system, he was just... real. He seemed like the most "real" instructor I ever had. I guess that's what made me remember him so vividly.


Amongst all of that stream of consciousness writing, you might have discovered tonight's topic: What was your favorite class or teacher? You don't have to share information or names, just generally what kind of a person or class it was and why you enjoyed either of them.

But if you hated school entirely, I guess there's no reason for you to be forced to talk about it. You can just say GBD and move on. Or, if you're feeling really daring, talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Wednesday Graveyard Shift is now open!


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