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I spent the whole weekend baking... and after baking some more on Monday (and dealing with some visitors) I was ready to look for boxes and tins to ship all these delicacies all over America. First I went to my local grocery, meh, nothing! and the few that were cute were too expensive. Then I headed into Michael's and same story... I only had one last option Walmart!

As I entered the store my first move was to head into the electronics section to look for the new Amiibos (it is written on the oath of the Amiibo Hunters). Depressed about the result of my hunt I went to the Christmas section to look for the boxes and tins... after thirty minutes of endless rambling, I bought a set of boxes and tins.

With the tins and boxes in hand I was ready to go home... when a tragedy occurred! My car wouldn't start! I said to myself "The battery... I knew I should have changed it but my stubborn brother refused to help me!" Time passed and no one would help me... either cause they were in a hurry or didn't have any jumper cables. Until an old man from Walmart came to me and asked me what was wrong, he told me not to worry and went to his car and brought his old jumper cables.... ten minutes later I was driving back home ^^ Unfortunately by the time I got home it was already too late to head to the post office to send my packages... oh well :(


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