I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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SO, for whatever reason, I was not home today for a little while :D I don't mind going out every now and then, but lately, I've fallen into the bad habit of not having food ready for when I get home. Fun stuff. "But TUT, can't you just go out and buy prepared food at some burger joint or whatever? Aren't you doing that all the time?" Well . . . yea, I guess I could, but . . . That would leave me with no topic for tonight . . . Hehe . . . And that so happens to be . . .

What is your emergency meal of choice?

I always have a box full of noodles on standby, just in case . . . In fact, that's what I'm having tonight! But I'll occasionally have a microwavable pot pie waiting for me in the fridge, or maybe I'll leave half of what I made the day before as leftovers for the next day. Although I love my emergency ramen, I have to say . . . reheated food is the best. Especially spaghetti . . . Awh, man . . . So yea ^^; Emergency foods. I know lots of people turn to hot pockets and such, so what about you?

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