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​The Graveyard Shift - Emotionally Attached Edition

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Phew! I finally did it, TAY—I got some spring cleaning out of the way. Well... sort of. I didn't actually clean inside of my house; that'd be too easy. Instead, I did a lot of cleaning outside. Basically, there's a decent amount of area around the house that I try to help keep up in shape (I think it's around four acres, but who has time to measure in acres, you know?), and it had just become riddled with tree limbs and other random junk over the course of the winter.


Anyways, one of the things my brother gave up when he moved to the east coast was his truck, which I inexplicably took control over. I guess it worked out, though, since those sorts of things can come in handy. Anyways, I decided I would use it to help me clean up. So after I filled the back of his truck with limbs, I moved everything over to this giant pile that will eventually be burned, and... that was honestly the easiest part of the entire chore. But after how easy it made moving stuff, and how sick I was of having to move it by hand, I cannot tell you how much I loved that truck in words. Not because it was fun to drive or anything, but because it was just... a companion that helped me over-come this massive pain in the butt of a chore.

To be honest, I never really understood trucks. I never cared for them, and definitely had a tendency to give people a hard time if they were overattached to their own truck. But this kind of helped me realize how that sort of bond can form, because for a few hours I actually started to like that vehicle.

Long story short: Truck helped me move wood. I love truck.

So what about you, TAY? Are there any inanimate objects that you have a relationship with? Maybe it's your own car, one of your figures or replicas, or maybe even that body pillow you've been spending a little too much time with. Let us know down below!


Not a fan of forming emotional bonds with emotionless things, huh? Well then, feel free to talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Thursday Graveyard Shift is now open!

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