I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hello, and welcome to the Graveyard Shift! Hosted by Kotaku’s readers-run blog, TAY! A place to talk about anything, be game related or life! So feel free jump into the ice breaker topic or not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe check the random blips of TAYCLASSIC. Or join the TAY IRC and give some folks a shy five. Either way, this is for you! The Late Night/Early Birds/ Old-World/ Citadel Shoppers/Sickbed /Office Drones/ All-Nighter/ future warriors!


Tonight’s Shift’s... The Handsome

Yeah that kind of horrible ending where all you ever cared for is taken away...

Or not.

Especially in games were there are multiple paths with different outcomes for the story to end, and are fun to get back to( fun =/= SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG). Or have a set of outcomes for different teams. That’s the outcome for Zangief, and Rufus on the top image. When it first played it was the most hilarious one, then I saw Mega-man’s ending. Poor Mega-man.....


Well that’s really it for tonight’s off topic of a topic

  • What was your favorite ending? Whether it was in fighting game, an rpg, space opera game, and whatever you can really think off that gave you a nice sense of accomplishment. Or just hated, and felt burned...

So that’s it for tonight, if you don’t feel like going into the topic, feel free to talk about whatever you want. Be about games, life, and BEEEEEES!

Or if you have question on how TAY works or post and stuff.


“The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for being assimilated.. resistance is futile!”


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