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The Graveyard Shift: Enjoy the Show!

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Hello people, Nach here! Your lovely host bringing always something interesting to talk about during The Graveyard Shift, this is an emergency broadcast, so there's not exactly a topic for tonight's shift, unless I think of one while I write this...

But first... here's a little roundup:

If I get the chance to add a round up it will be here... otherwise have this

and enjoy the show!

Back in my younger days, the ones I didn't know how to drive, I used to play with my videogames a lot, specially on road trips when my parents were behind the wheel (nowadays my useful sense of orientation and driving skills destroyed my chances of relaxing whenever I'm on a car), it's a family tradition,my family loved taking the highway, you see back in the 90s gas was cheap, so it was affordable to take the highway and embark on a journey of pavement, trucks and bugs crashing against your windshield (not to mention storms and shady restaurants), most of our trips were from Miami to Orlando and every now and then we would try something different like that one time we went from Dallas to Oklahoma City, or from Miami to New Orleans; but there was this Frankenstein of road trip my parents wanted to embark on... it involved going all the way from Miami to Quebec, making stops on numerous cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, DC, Philadelphia, NYC and Montreal; it was awesome! During that trip I bought my first camera... it was a crappy one but you have no idea how much fun I had using that little thing!

It was the perfect toy, you could take pictures and play with them, doodling, or pasting faces to the games that came in! Developed by Gamefreak the camera was an add on for the Game Boy, you would insert it just like any other cartdrige ony it would have this bulge on top of it, that round thing was the smallest camera prodiced by 1990s standards.

It was the best of days... I took pictures of the Liberty Bell, the White House, Times Square, and many more places from around the world. Me and my trusty Game Boy Pocket would go everywhere but instead of playing I was doing something way more entertaining!

So my topic for today is all about traveling and gaming ^.^

Also I was wondering how's everyone doing on their Secret Santa preparations? I already sent my gift last week, hopefully it's already on the hands of my fellow TAYer =)


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