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Tonight's Shift. ..Just like Australia

Hey all! Hope the season's jolliness is not getting all up in your grinch, you know getting in the way of your finals....

Welp, taking a break from priorities, I had a chance to go and try FarCry4 on the PS4 for a short while. The first 15 seconds after loading into the world went something like this...

" Oh wow, this really looks nice, and th- AHHHHH WTF EAGLEEEE!"

Then I proceeded to just wonder about the wild, and encounter nature's critters. They do not want to be friends especially the rhinos. Only the elephants are your real bros.


Holy crap is seeing one smash a human being the most awesome and horrifying thing ever >_>

Surprised how all buildings are C4 proof, and trees can also kill you. The latter for being stupid though...

But anyways that's just a short bit of walking blindly into a game. So fellow TAYers, ever just blindly get into a game, and had a " OHHH crap, I got to X and X!?" or insert [something cool experience] you might have had? No? OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WELP! Then feel free to ignore all of the above, and talk about stuff that isn't trying to kill ya, like life or other game related stuff.



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