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The Graveyard Shift *Fear Edition - Summer Fear That Is...

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Tonight shift’s...Just because they can’t walk on land does not mean they can’t get you...


It’s now summer, and one thing that used to mortified me about this season was going to the beach. Why?

Sharks, or rather the thought that something shark like would just grab me, and have me for dinner. But why shraks? Well, watching Jaws at a tender age can really fuck you up. So good job Steven Spielberg, you at least made some one mortified about swimming in the ocean. But it wasen’t irrational, the beach we went did have sharks, and had fences....And a few bit seals did wash up once in a while..

That did not help.

In the long run I got over it.

  • So TAY, do you have any summer fears? No? What about in other particular season? No? Or maybe is that thing you did last summer...

Well anyways as always feel free to ignore all of that, and talk about games, life, sharks, and whatever your delicious heart desires!

Or maybe you fear being haunted by a vengeful metal ghost? [Spoilers for Tetsuo: The Iron Man]

“The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for what goes bump in the night...”

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