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As I sit here with the power out I’m writing this with my laptop’s battery dying quickly. I’ve got my computer, but no internet, I’ve got homework and work to do, but I can’t do it. The power’s been out for an hour now, so I was wondering what I could write about for the Graveyard Shift. I was thinking about how I got my copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall yesterday, but I can’t play it! So what do you guys think about weird release dates? Do the companies even really think about this stuff before they decide them? Is it just that I’m longing to play a game that I can’t?

In other news, I hate power outages, I’m going into TAY withdrawal, good thing by the time this thing goes up, I’ll have power/internet again. I also really hate having Physics Lab on a Friday Night. It really kinda puts a damper on the start of the weekend. I’ve got a test Monday too, so it’s not like I really have a ton of free time any way, but it still kinda sucks. /whine. How’s your weekend shaping up?

Third and final topic, I’ve noticed I’m extremely bad at finishing games, I’ve got a huge catalog of PS3 games that I’ve started, but never finished. Tales of Xillia is what got me thinking about this recently, I put a good 20 hours into it, and loved it, but I just never finished. Final Fantasy XIII, Arkham City, Ni No Kuni, Assassin’s Creed III, the list goes on and on. Do you do this too? If so, what games are your most recent offenders?


Don’t feel like you’re restricted to these topics, talk about whatever you’d like!

The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, sudden fabulousness, moderate fainting goat syndrome, lack of new closing blurbs, and the overwhelming sense of ::swoon::

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